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Trying to find the source of a leak is usually either very easy or very hard. In order to accurately detach a leak without tearing your home apart, you need the expertise of a highly skilled leak detection specialist. That where The Leak Specialists comes in.

We have been able to help homeowners save billions of litres of water thanks to our cutting edge equipment, trained specialists and commitment to our job.

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Thermal Imaging

Our Thermal Imaging leak detection specialists use can detect a difference of 0.05°C and can give us an instant picture of hot and cold spots in the building and this often shows us where hidden pipes run and where water is leaking from.

Tracer Gas

Tracer gas is a harmless lighter-than-air gas. It can be injected into an empty pipe at modest pressure and will escape from the pipe from any leaking areas. Once on the surface, our trace and access leak detection specialists can find the tracer gas using a sensitive gas detector.

Acoustic Inspection

Acoustic profiling is one of the more traditional methods used in tracing a leak. Water escaping from a leak in a pipe, makes a noise. The greater the pressure of water in the pipe, the more it causes the pipe leak location and the surrounding material to vibrate and, generally, the louder the noise.

Thermography • Moisture Mapping • Endoscope Inspection • Acoustic Inspection • Tracer Gas • Dye Testing

Your local team of expert plumbers...

Are you in need of professional help and guidance? Have you noticed you have a leak but can’t find the cause of it? Work efficiently and effectively we can provide you internal & external leak detection services throughout the entire region.

Here at The Leak Specialists we have years of experience within the trade, perfecting our service and making the entire process as stress free as possible.

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At The Leak Specialists we have earned ourselves a reputation for our commitment to our service and providing our customers with a service that is unmatched in the local area. Using the latest and best tools, we can guarantee a quality service every time.

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Leak Detection Services Available To You:

Internal and external leak detection

Plumbing or Central Heating system

Asbestos Sampling

Trace & Access pipe repairs

Water Ingress and Damp/Moisture Surveys

Flat Roof inspections

Property Drying

Domestic and Commercial Properties

Salts and Water Testing, Moisture Measurement

The Leak Specialists Act For:

Plumbing & Heating Contractors

Facility Management Companies

Property Management Companies


Loss adjusters

Property Owners

Building Contractors

Housing Associations

Insurance Providers

Leak Detection Services

Have you noticed a leak but don’t know where it is coming from? Want professional advice on a plumbing project you have in mind? Get in touch with our team by calling us directly or through our contact form to request a call back!

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